The things you didn’t see:
the cat, this morning, ginger,
coiled like a spring and ready
to pounce on an unsuspecting junco;
five crows perched on the same
side of the tree, and the tree leaning
over on account of their weight;
the smile on my granddaughter
when we Skyped.

The things you didn’t hear:
the squawk of the bird
as the cat misjudged her jump;
those same five crows cawing,
cracking the day open like
an egg boiled for breakfast;
the joy in my granddaughter’s voice
when she spoke to me: “Hi Moo.”

And you didn’t hear the robin’s shriek
as the hawk’s claws pierced,
nor the tears in my voice
as I called out your name.

15 thoughts on “MiA

  1. I saw my granddaughters’ ginger cat curled in the middle of their Clue game and their laughing faces because my daughter took pictures and texted them to me. Talked to the waitress at the breakfast place who is usually quite standoffish, but I asked how her Dachshund Spencer and she talked for five minutes, while her other customers’ coffee was drunk away. And I thought of you and hope I will see you after lunch.

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    • I found people in the UK to be very insular and stand-offish when I was last there. However, when you asked them what the dog’s name was and how old it was … Bingo: it was like winning the lottery. Couldn’t stop them talking.


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